Here at Spotlight Hair & Spa, our team works together to care for our guests, offering personal, quality service and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Our commitment to excellence is inspired by our guests and encouraged through compassionate leadership, creating a welcoming ambiance and memorable experience for all of our treasured guests. Come, see for yourself and meet our wonderful team of caring, talented professionals.  


what to expect

Spotlight Hair & Spa provides relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Your experience begins the moment you arrive; our staff will ensure that your arrival is met with a warm welcome, an offer of refreshments and a moment to relax by the cozy fireplace before your service or treatment. During the first moments after you've been introduced to your service provider, stylist, aesthetician or registered massage therapist, they will consult with you regarding your expectations and requirements, to ensure a customized Spotlight experience.  Following your treatments, you are welcome to enjoy our spa lounge before visiting the front desk to let us know how you enjoyed your time with us.

Spotlight is wheelchair accessible and has beautiful shower facilities incorporating a therapeutic stone floor. Styling tools and Kerastase styling products are provided for your convenience. A robe and slippers are always available upon request during your spa experience.


Spa etiquette

Spotlight Hair & Spa offers a tranquil and relaxing escape to unwind and regenerate. Please assist us in accomplishing this by ensuring all electronic devices are turned to “off” or “silent”.

Spotlight is able to provide services to guests aged ten and above. We kindly request that your children below the age of 10 do not accompany you to your appointment, allowing for your relaxation as well as that of our other guests.

Please arrive ten minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment. An earlier arrival allows for a moment of relaxation prior to your service and ensures that you benefit from the full length of your treatment. 



Please be respectful of our staff and provide 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of a single service and 48 hours’ notice for multiple services.
There will be a charge for missed appointments and cancellations made without sufficient notice.


lunches and sweets

Since the opening of Spotlight Hair & Spa many years ago, we have been known for our 'sweets'.
We always have an amazing assortment of complimentary, fresh cookies, cakes, scones & more.  In addition to this we have an award winning caterer providing lunches when four or more services are purchased (excludes all services below $40).

Spotlight also offers a broad selection of beverages including: lattes, cappuccinos, specialty teas, infused water & more.  For single spa treatments, we also offer a cheese & fruit plate. 

We are always happy to arrange anything that will enhance your experience with us.  During any series of appointments we will be pleased to accommodate your lunch request, simply ask and we will present you with our menu prior to the start of your services. $25


payment and gratuities

Spotlight Hair & Spa is happy to receive payment in the form of cash or Interac™, and if necessary, we are able to accept Visa™ or Mastercard™.

In appreciation of the staff or service provider for outstanding service, gratuities may be given at your discretion. Gratuities are best presented directly to your service provider in the form of cash, envelopes are also made available at the front desk for your convenience.



“Spending time at Spotlight Hair & Spa is like a mini vacation. I go in feeling stressed and tired and come out feeling relaxed and refreshed.” 
– Kim

“Have you ever wanted to feel completely pampered from your head to your toes? Have you ever wanted to completely relax from your shoulders to your calves? Have you ever wanted to feel completely cozy from your hips to your lips? What about the best head massage after a beautiful shampoo? What about the best hair colour that people you have never met before stop you dead in your tracks to say, “I love your hair!”  What about the best hair style and cut that makes you feel like you just stepped off the runway? Have you never visited Spotlight Hair & Spa? Then you should!! I have been a client for 12 years and this is how I feel every 6 weeks. It’s better than _______! You fill in the blank!”
– Rita

“I have been going to Shauna for approximately 10 years. EACH and EVERY time, I am greeted by everyone there with a smile, a cheerful welcome and, very much so, a question as to how I am doing. I know this is a welcome with “true caring” in my life and well being. Where else would you receive this? I love knowing that my appointments are booked for the year…. and I have nothing to decide when I arrive! Shauna gives thought to everything and is always up-to-date in styles (I LOVE leaving these decisions in her care!) I am always encouraged and I must say….I am frequently told “I look 10 years younger than my years”! And, who doesn’t want to hear that! I am excited about this expansion and I look forward to advice on make-up and being better equipped to look maybe “another few years younger”! As women, we take on so much in our lives, that it is nice for this part of our well-being to be “take care of” by professionals and “friends” who look out for us, encourage us and truly make us feel good about ourselves as we go through life.”
– Sincerely, Brenda

“Spotlight Hair & Spa is everything and more a woman needs and wants. I am a busy woman and I love to pamper myself. This past summer I followed my aesthetician, Dina, to Spotlight. I was cautious, curious and a bit nervous. My first visit shattered any doubts I had about my move. I was greeted at the door with friendly smiles and genuine hospitality. It wasn’t the beautiful flower pots in front; it wasn’t the coffee and cookies; it was, though, the actual concern each and every person had for each and every client. Shauna, the owner, is a beautiful person. I watched her interact with clients, making sure hair colour, treatments and cuts were just right. I just love what she has done with my hair. Dina is able to provide more services at Spotlight. The new spa area has been well planned; for the comfort of clients and the best working conditions for staff. I look forward to going to Spotlight Hair & Spa for many years to come.”
– Diane Valiquette, A Satisfied Client


“Spotlight Hair & Spa is a luxurious and relaxing salon and spa. The owner, Shauna, and her talented team are well educated in their field and love what they do. They are professional and friendly but most importantly, they listen to their clients and work with them to ensure their treatments, hair styles and colours are perfect for them. Clients leave feeling great. All this is done with the best products on the market. I have been a client of Shauna’s since the beginning of her career. On occasion while travelling I have been forced to use other salons and spas but none compare to the expertise and personal care I receive at Spotlight. It’s good to come home.”
– Jane

“Spotlight on Hair & Spa is my favourite place on earth – no really, it’s true! I plan my hair and spa treatments a year in advance. Once I book my appointments the rest of my world revolves around those appointments. No one is allowed to get sick, get married, or have a crisis on my day at Spotlight. Why is it my favourite place? You are never a number at Spotlight and I never feel that my services are rushed like I do when I have been at larger spas. Shauna and her team know their clients and treat each and every one like they are important and that they matter. It is like going home each time I visit and I have been going there for almost 20 years. The new spa services are incredible and I had the best massages of my life this past month at Spotlight. Congratulations to Shauna on her renovations and her new team…. the new spa area is gorgeous and so peaceful.”
– Jennifer in Kanata

“I have been a happy customer of Spotlight Hair & Spa for many years. Shauna always knows what to recommend when I am ready for a new hairstyle or highlights. She is always up to date with the latest fashions and products. I have also been enjoying the spa services since the recent expansion of her new spa. I am so pleased with Dina that words cannot describe, other than “Fabulous”! I really like the new organic ” Ilike” skin care line as well. All the staff are professional, courteous and make you feel like you are part of the family. It is a high-end spa with a relaxed atmosphere. After any service, you leave feeling like a million bucks! Thanks Shauna, to you and your staff for this true gem that you have created in Richmond.”
– Heather