Spa Packages

Spotlight Spa serves a gourmet lunch with four or more spa services above $40 each. The massages listed in our Spa Packages are relaxation massages performed by our aestheticians. *Substitution of a registered massage is commonly requested and easily accommodated, simply ask upon booking. We will gladly substitute spa services within our spa packages. All times listed are approximate.


“Spotlight Hair & Spa is not your average Hair/Nail salon. Not that these do not serve a purpose for a quick fix but if you (like I) are looking for a Salon/Spa that is above and beyond this is your place. Here is the thing, we all live busy lives and sometimes in the hustle and bustle we forget about ourselves in the mix. Could you run off somewhere last minute to fix up your nails and your roots? Of course but isn't that running again? Who needs more of that? What I am looking for is some "ME" time. I want to be pampered. I want to come in stressed and leave rejuvenated ready to take on another month of crazy. From the moment I walk in the door at Spotlight, I can feel the pressure leave my shoulders. I am greeted by a smile by everyone and like "Norm" on Cheers, everybody knows my name! But the thing is, it doesn't matter if you have been going for years or it's your first time we are all greeted the same. The visual beauty of the salon is a mixture of European elegance meets modern flare. Their lattes and cappuccinos are top notch and having the opportunity to partake in a glass of wine while having my services is heaven. The staff in both the Salon and Spa are extremely knowledgeable under the guidance of owner Shauna and Dina who runs a tight ship in the Spa area. They are always traveling and training to be the best in their field, and it shows. Even though Shauna runs the show, she is a smart enough business woman to know it takes more than her to run a successful business, this is why she surrounds herself with an incredible "A" Team to make it happen. Listen, if you don't look or feel good going in, you will feel beautiful inside and out when you leave. It feeds your mind, body & soul and there is no place like it in Ottawa.”
– S. Kinkade


NOTE: Registered Massage Therapy is covered by most Health Insurance Plans. Receipts for insurance purposes cannot be issued if payment is made with a gift card.