We've partnered with Xtreme lashes to offer our guests the latest innovation in eyelash extensions; all-natural mink lashes, applied individually to your natural lash using a specially formulated, hypoallergenic, formaldehyde free adhesive.  Spotlight Spa's lash stylists create natural looking lashes, unique to each guest inspired by your own personal flair, tastes & natural lashes. 


FULL SET (2 hour session)

RE-LASH (recommended every 2-3 weeks)
$70.00 & up

*There is no re-lash after three weeks; you will require a full set

*A formula is created for you based on your natural lash density to ensure safe, lasting results.


“Spending time at Spotlight Spa is like a mini vacation. I go in feeling stressed and tired and come out feeling relaxed and refreshed.”
– Kim